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Braden Loy Damn good stuff. Favorite track: San Antonio is Dreaming I.
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released July 4, 2015

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Nathan Gass at the Attic Suite in Denton, TX

Produced by Nathan Gass and Quiet People

Quiet People is:

Allister Shadowhisper - guitar, bass, vocals
John P. Graves - bass, guitar, vocals
Bob Fear - guitar, vocals
Hank Payne - drums




Quiet People San Antonio, Texas

Quiet People are four friends who make music together. Spread out across Texas and Chicago, they occasionally meet to play slap ass, record long songs, and put together an immersive conspiracy "pyramid".

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Track Name: Panic Then Release
In the city we could run away, far from the troubles seen by yesterday. We see these time were not a waste; uncovered lies that we had yet to face. Every night when I try to go to sleep, I can only focus on my heart as it starts to skip a beat. And it's a pattern that repeats, of panic then release. I just need a brief reprieve. In the city we can make a name for who we are and what is ours to claim. I can't promise that you'll feel no pain, I can promise that feel again.
Track Name: San Antonio is Dreaming I
Specters walk these city streets where wealthy prophets of defeat turn and look and pity me. They try to imagine how my life must be. And I
can feel their eyes and hidden fear, some days I want to disappear. Every night I see the same narrow winding passage ways. These halls speak in ancient truths singing to the stirring youth. The boys who come here and smash beer bottles go home and jerk off to runway models. Born on calm seas I coast through life but still I find I’m kept up at night and I still feel eyes that search for suffering and find my helpless luxury. An entire life lived in the clear, some days I want to disappear.
Track Name: Male
[Check out the preface to this track explaining its lyrics and theme, which is included in the download]

I know you hear it: "the world was born to be my bitch. I'm smoking weed with the rich kids but they all think they're communists. And I don't care what's in your head because to me you're just a pair of tits. The world was born to be my bitch and I'll fuck it with an iron fist." I know you feel it. "The world was born to suck my dick."
And they'll play it on the airwaves: "you were born to be my slave."
Track Name: Ghoul
You come from the castle, from high above the vassals. You used to eat until your stomach burst and careful doctors crowded in to stitch back your shirt. Until your sixteenth year on the night of Halloween when all your father's patrons danced in cloaked identities. You were just another hidden face among the crowd. Suffocated and confused you looked for a way out.

Your footsteps led you to a hidden corridor, your candlelight revealing things you hadn't seen before: broken men who'd been working there for ages. In you they saw the man who had withheld their wages. In your disgust you rejected noble origin. You shed your birth and went to join the men. But your pure intentions failed to move machine positions and the workers couldn't stop what they'd been told to never question.

Your hanging hood and sleeves were caught in the engine, your pretty face became scarred beyond recognition. Your mangled face reflected your true colors shown, you never wanted to be one of them you just wanted them to think so. Ashamed and afraid you put your mask back on and fled through corridors into the coming dawn.

It was the day after Halloween, all the kids were coming home smelling like nicotine. Soon the rising sun forced your retreat. You hide in tunnels, wait til night to stalk suburban streets.
Track Name: San Antonio is Dreaming II
It was all a dream. We were born into the Riverside scene but then we got tired of watching TV. I don’t want to live like it’s telling me to, I don’t like when it tells me how to think about you. All my teachers keep preaching lust. You’re the only voice that I can seem to trust. I feel like I’ve finally found truth. I feel like I’m falling in love with you.

Have you awoken from your vampire dreams? Come on and come a little closer. I’m itching for your company, I’ll be your pedestal pusher. If you don’t live by the rules you make then you don’t mean anything.Can you see my hands shake?

Can you feel the coming cold? All my stories are getting old. Let’s leave the city behind, let’s live under the wooded sky. Weren’t we born with the best of luck? We’re all whirling beautiful drunk.

Can you see the fading light? Let’s stay up and talk all night. Let’s stay in these woods all day, all my friends live far away. If I only try to make you stay then it won’t mean anything. Can you feel my heart race?
Track Name: You Oughta Know
I’m not insensitive nor am I obsessed. I just wanna make sure you’re doing your best. No matter what, I’ll still feel the same way even if you make me go damn near insane. You bitch out old friends who say hurtful things. Looks like they’ve won another one of their games. Let’s play those old song we know are the best, you sing the words and I’ll fuck up the rest.

But I know, darling I love you so.
And our love could grow.

I will go anywhere they need me to be as long as I know that you’ll be there with me. And you can do anything they force you to do as long as they know that I’ll be there for you.

Because I know one day you’ll let me go.
And I’ll be alone

So let’s make the best of this time that we’ve got. I don’t want to remember it for what it was not. You deserve more in life than your lot. In truth, more than you thought.

Goddamn I love you so,
I just thought you oughta know
Track Name: Warfield
Living in a wasteland
Catching a sun tan
I’m losing my straight edge
living in a crooked land
driving through the badlands
working for a bad man
I’m living in a wasteland
Living on warfield
sun burning
industrial land
Track Name: Leviathan
“I've got scrapes on my knees, I've spilled blood on the leaves,I've had dreams of paradise, I've been trapped here my whole life.”

“Well wishes and blessings all, a safe life inside these walls. Could you tell me what it's like outside? Are you looking at a wooded sky?"

We're Falling through a tunnel of light. We're waking up to the sky.

We left a world behind today, only fear is in our way.
We are broken, we are flawed
but we were born to be god.

We’re moving on to better things.
We’re waking up from better dreams.
we’re walking with a rising moon.
we’ll be there soon.