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You come from the castle, from high above the vassals. You used to eat until your stomach burst and careful doctors crowded in to stitch back your shirt. Until your sixteenth year on the night of Halloween when all your father's patrons danced in cloaked identities. You were just another hidden face among the crowd. Suffocated and confused you looked for a way out.

Your footsteps led you to a hidden corridor, your candlelight revealing things you hadn't seen before: broken men who'd been working there for ages. In you they saw the man who had withheld their wages. In your disgust you rejected noble origin. You shed your birth and went to join the men. But your pure intentions failed to move machine positions and the workers couldn't stop what they'd been told to never question.

Your hanging hood and sleeves were caught in the engine, your pretty face became scarred beyond recognition. Your mangled face reflected your true colors shown, you never wanted to be one of them you just wanted them to think so. Ashamed and afraid you put your mask back on and fled through corridors into the coming dawn.

It was the day after Halloween, all the kids were coming home smelling like nicotine. Soon the rising sun forced your retreat. You hide in tunnels, wait til night to stalk suburban streets.


from Ghoul, released July 4, 2015




Quiet People San Antonio, Texas

Quiet People are four friends who make music together. Spread out across Texas and Chicago, they occasionally meet to play slap ass, record long songs, and put together an immersive conspiracy "pyramid".

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